+CxC Citizen Sensing Lab #2


PuchaKucha night & assembly workshop on do-it-together sensors and technology to monitor our environment

When individuals and communities are part of designing and building their own digital sensors, previously obscure ‘smart-city’ technologies start to have a clear purpose: helping to make sense of the world and take steps to change it for the better. Citizen Sensing Lab is a series of events and workshops to introduce, develop and co-create a community around citizen sensing in Limerick.

Free Event: Everybody is welcome and no previous experience on electronics or digital sensors is required.

PechaKucha Night with:

Dr. Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann Geography lecturer at MIC. Breandán established The LimerickAir pollution monitoring network in March 2019, currently has 4 operational PM2.5 monitors.

Ivor O’Shea Mid West Makers. Ivor has been exploring low cost electronics and sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality monitoring in a domestic setting.

Brendan Cooney Senior Executive Scientist for Wexford Co Co. Brendan is working on getting environmental sensors miniaturised and using microprocessors so as to drive costs down and get them out into the wild.

After the presentations there will be a show-and-tell of the different projects as well as session on PM sensors assembly.