+CxC Citizen Sensing Lab #3


Presentations & co-design session for a community led network of air quality sensors in Limerick

Citizen Sensing Lab is a series of events and workshops to introduce, develop and co-create a community around open source environmental digital sensors in Limerick. This is a free event, everybody is welcome and no previous experience on electronics or digital sensors is required.

PechaKucha Night with:

  • Dave Hunt Dave is a software engineer who has been making since before the term came into popular use. Inventor of the PiPhone www.davidhunt.ie
  • Dr. Breandán Anraoi MacGabhann Geography lecturer at MIC. Breandán established The LimerickAir pollution monitoring network in March 2019, currently has 4 operational PM2.5 monitors.
  • Dr. Mihai Bilauca Head of Digital Strategy & EU Programmes for Limerick City and County Council

After the presentations there will be a co-design session for discussing the next steps on the creation of a community led network of low-cost air quality sensors in Limerick city.

“When individuals and communities are part of designing and building their own digital sensors, previously obscure ‘smart-city’ technologies start to have a clear purpose: helping to make sense of the world and take steps to change it for the better”