Meadowbrook Residents Association with Wrkshop Architects Meadowbrook Residents Association with Wrkshop Architects

Meadowbrook Residents Association with Wrkshop Architects

Meadowbrook Residents Association will bring members of their community together and start conversations about decarbonisation to initiate some new plans for climate action

Meadowbrook is quite a typical 1980s Irish residential estate, its unique location at the elbow of the river Shannon, a place with a rich industrial and religious history, goes largely unnoticed. The overall effect of the community green hints at something almost utopian. What communities need is an excuse to interact; a focal point where interests overlap. A modest structure, sculptural in form, which creates this overlap of function, would become a new prototype for a “community centre”. The structure becomes a symbol of their shared identity and an expression of their common values. Energy, freely generated and provided, becomes a public asset, like the produce of the garden. Water stored and filtered is available to everyone. Bicycles are stored, as are the tools to tend the garden.



The creative partners found that when the group gets together they are very engaged and proactive in suggesting decarbonising measures. They discussed the local ecology and the wildlife in the area and how that could be encouraged.



Meadowbrook Residents Association met with Richard Gorey of Limerick City and County Council Active Travel Team to discuss a number of different issues, such as the scope of the tidy towns community, the active travel plans for the Mill Road, local biodiversity, creating a focal point and emblem for the community etc.



The garden of Meadowbrook Residents Association, that is a vocal point of their Decarbonising Together Project



Wrkshop Architects have proposed a structure, the relevance of the structure in terms of decarbonisation, energy poverty, biodiversity and most importantly community engagement. Since sharing the visualizations with the wider community a number of people have expressed an interest in hosting classes and talks on the structure.



The proposal for a structure that would support the community garden, act as a focal point for discussion and activities around decarbonisation and act as a symbol which communicates the principles of the community to live more sustainably.