Adare's Renewable Future


In June 2022, Adare Tidy Towns introduced an exciting project developed with the Citizen Innovation Lab. Called Adare’s Renewable Future, Adare Tidy Towns invited people to map current renewable energy sources in Adare village and to suggest locations for possible future renewable energy projects.

The project used the +CityxChange Community Mapping Tool. This is an interactive crowd-sourced mapping app adapted for +CityxChange by project partner Space Engagers. The app allows people to share knowledge about a particular place, to observe and map specific features, and to collaborate on sense making of these observations.

Questions guided participants using the app to map current renewable energy sources and to map buildings or areas where they thought renewable energy sources might be placed in the future. Designed to get people thinking about renewable energy, the app gave participants a clear visual “of the moment” map of renewable energy in Adare. The project was a success gathering over 50 submissions from the local community.  

Adare Tidy Towns want to help Adare become a sustainable energy village and Adare’s Renewable Future Project is a step in that journey.