The Smart Building Living Lab

SMARTLAB is testing new ways to make buildings smarter, so they can better respond to the needs of occupants, cost less to run, and be ready to interact with a future decarbonised energy grid. Up to 100 building owners and occupants in Limerick city are installing sensors provided by SMARTLAB to monitor their building’s temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. The project team will support participants to understand far more about how their buildings use energy, giving them more power to lower energy costs and make good decisions about their building’s future.

The SMARTLAB project is using a living lab approach, working with project participants to explore the real-world challenges and opportunities of making buildings smart ready. Project outcomes will be used to create policy guidance concerning the adoption of the EU Smart Readiness Indicator in Ireland.

The SMARTLAB project is funded by the SEAI Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Funding Programme. Limerick City and County Council, Integrated Environmental Solutions, The Convex Lens, and Carrig Conservation International are all project partners and the project is led by University of Limerick.

If you’d like to follow the project and find out more, please visit the project website: