Creative Collaborations for Climate Action

Decarbonising is about reducing carbon (CO2) emissions resulting from human activity in order to combat climate change. It involves emitting less (e.g. by burning less fossil fuel) and absorbing more (e.g. by planting trees) carbon.

The Decarbonising Together project engages five communities from the Limerick metropolitan area to examine how meaningful climate action can become part of their day-to-day lives. Through the project, each group explores an aspect of decarbonisation that matters to them through a creative collaboration with an arts or creative industry partner. The project focuses on making and doing together to enable behaviour change towards decarbonisation in Limerick.

Decarbonising Together is led by Limerick City and County Council and is funded through Creative Ireland’s Creative Climate Action Fund, an initiative that aims to connect people with the profound changes happening in our environment, economy and society arising from climate change.