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Limerick Civic Trust

This project celebrates the potential for Limerick Civic Trust with Cracking Light to become a leader in seeding environmental system change working in, & with local communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11) Quality Education (SDG4) Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12) Climate Action (SDG13) Life on Land (SDG15)

Limerick Civic Trust have collaborated with Cracking Light Productions on a film project that will highlight the local connections and networks that the Trust has built over four decades through its work in buildings and green spaces across the city. In Climate Action we talk a lot about system change and acting locally; this project celebrates the potential for Limerick Civic Trust to become a pioneer seeding environmental system change working in, and with, local communities. It’s all about the people that will keep the heart of the city ticking into the future.

You can watch The Orchard Project film on the following link


Film Screening

23 November 2022


The final output of the project is documentary that places The Orchard Project at the heart of Limerick Civic Trust's plans for the future. It captures the origins of the organisation, what its role in the city is now, and the importance of civic stewardship as Limerick moves further into the climate era. What emerges as the hope underpinning the work they are doing is that the Trust is positioned in a unique bridging point between community spaces and people, civic care, and the capacity to introduce climate resilience. The Orchard Project is a promise to future generations and this both reflects and enhances the place of Limerick Civic Trust in the community it serves.


Community Tree Planting Event

26 October 2022


The Civic Trust identified potential planting sites for tree planting; three were selected at the Jewish Cemetery in Castletroy, at Stoney Bank Walk on Grove Island, and opposite the Bishop's Palace. Further sites have been identified for planting in early 2023 to mark the Civic Trust's 40th Anniversary. The week of planting marked a significant output and success within the project. The skill building on offer through collaboration with Irish Seed Savers means the CE scheme will now include orchard planting and maintenance skills with an ongoing relationship developing as a result of the project.


Visit to Seed Savers

28 June 2022


Working with Irish Seed Savers we saw the opportunity to bridge the skills gap for those on the CE scheme who would be tasked with future care and upkeep of the trees. A group of Civic Trust employees attended at Seed Savers for a day of research and tasting. This was a turning point in the project in recognising a growing investment in the potential of the idea. From here we were able to interview Seed Savers' Employees whose expert perspective on food sovereignty expanded the value of the project as a crucial resilience building in the city. We visited Seed Savers again to select the trees that would succeed in these planned mini-orchards. The varieties are all heritage Irish Apple Trees but the majority are also historically linked to orchards in Limerick.













The aim is to celebrate the Trusts’ rich history of success in this space, as well as seeding some ideas for adapting the work in the future.



Pat Mulcahy of the Limerick Bell ringers at St Munchins church where the practice bells have been given a new home by Limerick Civic Trust. Protecting rare species of culture is vital for a healthy community