Petrol2PV St Michael's Rowing Club


SMRC would like to install PV Panels on the roof along with some lithium Iron batteries. The energy will be used for electrical consumption but also for charging batteries. These batteries will then be used in training launches on the River Shannon which will decarbonise and reduce petrol use.

Good Health and Well-Being (SDG3) Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG7) Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11) Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12) Climate Action (SDG13)

40m2 of PV Panels will be installed on the roof. A launch with an electric battery package shall be purchased. This shall be charged at night and with excess solar PV from the roof generation. Excess PV shall be sold to the community through Community Power the energy supplier. This energy can then be purchased by other users in the locality. Energy usage within the building shall monitored along with solar intensity through a Radiation Meter which shall be linked to the internet.