Understanding Energy Use David O'Connor

Understanding Energy Use

Over the next 20 weeks I plan to work with the +CityxChange team to incorporate their knowledge into the management of Council buildings by implementing some positive energy actions.

Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG7) Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11) Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG12) Climate Action (SDG13)

I am a Facilities Manager at Limerick City and County Council and have worked closely with LCCC’s maintenance contractor to identify a suitable energy efficiency project for our corporate Headquarters in Merchants Quay. The project we settled on involves replacing approximately 650 x T8 fluorescent light fittings with LED fittings throughout City Hall. We estimate we can offset more than 30 tonnes of carbon emissions and save over €10,000 in ongoing maintenance costs and replacement parts if we proceed with the project.

I met with IES to review the analysis they have done using the Limerick Energy Model with regards to modelling energy usage and building efficiency in Merchants Quay. We discussed additional information that could be used to enhance the building’s energy model and discussed next steps relating to potential renovations and retrofitting measures which would improve building efficiency.

The building model is something worth sharing with others interested in seeing how their property is performing at a high level.

We’re currently in the early planning stages of the project and have pulled together high level costs to deliver the project and have also identified the payback period. There is significant potential in this project!

For more on the Limerick Energy Model click https://citizeninnovationlab.ie/tools/limerick-energy-model/