Limerick Energy Model Limerick Energy Model

Limerick Energy Model

A digital twin of Limerick's Georgian Neighbourhood

As part of the +CityxChange project, a digital twin of the Georgian Neighbourhood in Limerick city centre has been created by +CityxChange project partner IES R&D. This 3D model is designed to allow people in Limerick to visualise energy use and carbon emissions across the city.

The model contains data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and other sources, and can be used as a Decision Support Tool to help Limerick City and County Council plan scenarios for how to become climate-neutral by 2050. Positive Energy Champion Stories illustrate how the Limerick Energy Model can be used to plan investments in energy conservation or building retrofit actions.

Through the Citizen Innovation Lab we want to make the building information included in this model more accurate. To add information to the model, click on your building, scan the QR code and follow the prompts or [contact us](

Model in fullscreen (External website)