EnerXchange Energy Trading and Flexibility Technology


Energy Trading and Flexibility Technology

Designed within the +CityXchange Project to enable local Peer to Peer Trading in a Community Grid structure.

EnerXchangeTM is a disturbance neutral energy trading platform that can be used by Citizen Energy Communities to trade excess energy generated (preferably from Renewable Energy Sources) with other members of their Citizen Energy Community (CEC) in the local area (determined by DSO sub-station boundaries). A disturbance neutral approach stores energy in a local battery and only releases it onto the grid when a suitable load or flexibility transaction has been arranged within the local area.

Flexibility trading

A second asset, flexibility, can also be used for trade. Sometimes energy will need to be taken up by flexible assets (hot water heaters, battery storage, controlled heat pumps, Electrical Vehicle chargers), loads will need to be turned off or reduced to lower the load on the grid.

Smart M Power is developing a Backend system for energy and flexibility trading. It matches trades by using information provided by the SLUs deployed by the CEC and sends instructions to them to release energy from battery storage at a defined rate for a defined period of time to match the load requirements. Frontend enables clients to login and see their energy consumption, production and criteria for trade.

EnerXchangeTM Dashboard